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  • What Is A Patio Cover?
    A Patio Cover is an outdoor structure. Either attached to your home or an existing structure. Or unattached, which is also known as a freestanding outdoor structure.
  • What Are The Different Types Of Patio Covers?
    For Patio Covers, we have 4 different options. Lattice, Solid, Insulated and Rooms.
  • What Is A Lattice Patio Cover?
    Lattice is an open style cover, which includes Rafters, and Lattice Tubes on top. Lattice is a very customizable and offers shade options ranging from 10% to 90%. The standard shade option from Lattice is 70%.
  • What Is A Solid Patio Cover?
    Solid Patio Covers are also known as Non-Insulated and Flat Pan. This is the most economical option for 100% shade coverage. Flat Pan Patio Covers are interlocking, which prevents water and sunlight from getting in.
  • What Is A Insulated Patio Cover?
    Insulated Patio Covers are Solid Patio Covers that have a Solid Insulated Foam Core. These are also known as Laminated Roof Panels. Thickness options for Insulated Roofs are 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch. High Density 3 inch being the most popular option. 4 inch roofs are meant for large projection Patio Covers and Patio Rooms. 6 inch roofs are meant for Patio Covers in areas with Snow Load Requirements.
  • What Is A Patio Room?
    Patio Rooms are an Enclosed Patio Structure. Also known as Sunrooms, Glass Rooms and Patio Enclosures. Standard Patio Rooms come with Windows and 1 door. Standard Sunrooms come with Windows, along with Upper or Lower Glass Transoms. These are also known as Pocket Windows above and below the Window Frame. Patio Rooms are Quick and Economical ways to increase your Home Value and Square Footage, while still keeping different levels of Natural Light in your Home.
  • What Are The Benefits Of A Patio Cover?
    Patio Covers offer protection against the elements. Cooler Temperatures and Protection against UV Rays in Shaded Areas. Reduced Energy Costs for your Home, where the Patio Cover is attached too. Increased outdoor living space, with all the different Patio Design Options. Lastly, increased Property Value for your Home, when installing a properly designed and built patio cover.
  • What Is The Difference Between Alumawood - Elitewood - Duralum?
    Elitewood offers the Classic Product line, which includes a primer coat of paint, 0.24, 0.32, and 0.40 gauge Aluminum options, and a 15 year warranty on the product line. Elitewood also offers the Ultra Product line, which uses Kynar Resin inside the paint to give the patio cover material a 30 year product warranty. Alumawood has a light emboss and standard 0.24 gauge Aluminum. Alumamwood offers a 15 year warranty on the product line, but the lack of a primer coat of paint makes it easier to corrode the product line. Duralum offers a light emboss similar to Alumawood, but has thicker Aluminum Gauge options compared to Alumawood.
  • Do Patio Covers Need A Permit?
    Patio Cover and Enclosure Requirements and Guidelines, can be requested from your Local Building Department. They will normally be able to provide standard setback requirements for both attached and unattached patio cover structures.
  • What Are Different Patio Cover Material Options?
    Different Patio Cover Material Options include Aluminum, Vinyl, Wood and Steel.
  • What Patio Cover Material Lasts The Longest?
    Aluminum Patio Covers last the longest, without the need for yearly maintenance. Making the it the best investment for your home in the long term.
  • Why Everyday Patio Is The Right Patio Cover Company For You?
    We have been building Patio Covers and Patio Rooms for Over 3 Generations. Our goal is to Improve your Outdoor Living Space. With Quality, Service and Ethics being at the Core of our Business.
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